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Tips For Looking After Your Leather Handbag

Here are some storage tips to keep your leather goods looking their best.

1. To avoid permanent marks, store items separately and do not lean against other objects including the straps.

2. Allow sufficient air flow.

3. Genuine animal hair sheds over time. Best to take care and avoid excessive rubbing to maintain the aesthetics of the leather product.

Leather is a natural product that will display all the natural markings as nature intended.

Growth marks, fat wrinkles, insect bites and other naturally occurring characteristics can be expected.

They all add to the natural beauty of genuine leather and differentiate it from cheap imitations.

As with natural stone and timber there will be grain, colour and shading irregularities that should not be considered as faults.

Genuine leather may lose some colour as a result of normal body heat, skin moisture and natural light. This is not a quality defect but simply a normal characteristic of natural materials.

Enjoy your truly unique Leo Monk product and thank you for supporting our business.

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